FuehlerSysteme eNET International GmbH develops, produces and markets sensor technology for measuring environmental conditions such as a temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, flow, brightness and movement. FuehlerSysteme, as one of the few providers in this sector, is equipped with a broad spectrum of products that offers the appropriate solution for any measurement. Customisation is also available, enabling a high level of flexibility.

FuehlerSysteme’s target group lies within building automation systems and energy management as well as in the industrial processes sector. Our customers are producers of facilities and control engineering, groups offering protection within ICA technology, in the industrial/building automation sector, installing craft enterprises, building operators, energy/process optimisers and contractors. In our work we focus on maximisation of energy efficiency in the production, distribution and use of these products in order to enable resources to be handled sustainably for a secure future.

The FuehlerSysteme business model is driven by technological progress. Due to high-level investment in people, technology and the organisation itself, as well as flexible production, the business is in a position to react quickly to customer demand and market developments. Due to continual advancement and innovation, FuehlerSysteme is able to strengthen its position for the future, easily guarantee long-term growth and create new jobs.

The FuehlerSysteme eNET International GmbH main office is located in Nuremberg, which after Munich is the second largest town in Bavaria. Since the eastward expansion of the EU, the town has been benefiting from its central location in the European economic zone and, with ca. 500,000 inhabitants,  is the economic, service and cultural centre of Northern Bavaria. The Nuremberg metropolitan area constitutes 21.300 square kilometres and has access to a broad spectrum of key technological expertise and cross-over technology with functioning organisational structures and research networks.

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