Humidity transducer on-wall installation for relative/absolute humidity, dewpoint temperature, mixing ratio and temperature, high-precision with calibration certificate, digital output


  • % r.H., g/m³, g/kg, DP °C

  • accuracy ±2% r.H.

  • -30...+70°C, -20...+80°C, 0...+50°C, 0...+100°C

  • output 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, changer

  • heating function for condensation protection


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Commodity Group 4

SKU Humidity Temperature Output Equipment Price € net / gross * Availability Qty Action
FS1101-MBR-H1T1-DR 0-100% r.H., 0-80 g/m³, 0-80 g/kg, -20...+80°C DP -20...+80°C Modbus RTU Display, Relay
Excl. Tax: €344.39 Incl. Tax: €399.49
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FS1101-MBR-H1T1-X 0-100% r.H., 0-80 g/m³, 0-80 g/kg, -20...+80°C DP -20...+80°C Modbus RTU -
Excl. Tax: €280.13 Incl. Tax: €324.95
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FS1101-MBR-H1T1-D 0-100% r.H., 0-80 g/m³, 0-80 g/kg, -20...+80°C DP -20...+80°C Modbus RTU Display
Excl. Tax: €326.03 Incl. Tax: €378.19
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FS1101-MBR-H1T1-R 0-100% r.H., 0-80 g/m³, 0-80 g/kg, -20...+80°C DP -20...+80°C Modbus RTU Relay
Excl. Tax: €298.49 Incl. Tax: €346.25
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Measurement range r.H. 0-100% r.H.
Measurement range abs. humidity 0-80 g/m³ (calculated)
Measurement range air fuel ratio 0-80 g/kg (calculated)
Measurement range dew point -20...+80°C DP (calculated)
Measurement range temp. -20...+80°C
Accuracy humidity ±2% r.H. (30-70% r.H., else ±3% r.H. at 20°C)
Accuracy temperature ±0,3 K (10...40°C, else ±0,5 K),
Temperature dependency ±0,02% r.H. / K (voltage output), ±0,04% r.H. / K (current version); ±0,05°C / 10 K (voltage version), ±0,07°C / 10 K (current output)
Long term stability ±1%/year
Offset can be entered in the register
Sensor Combined electronic humidity and temperature sensor
Sensor protection screwable stainless steel sinter filter, condensation protection by heating function in the range of 95...99% r.H.
Flow rate < 2 m/s
Supply voltage 24 V DC (±5%)
Current consumption max. 20 mA + 30 mA (option display) + 20 mA (option relay)
Digital output Modbus RTU
Alarm output 1 x potential-free change-over contact, 48 V, 1 A
Switching Hysteresis Relay can be entered in the register
Electrical connection push-in terminal, no tools required, time-saving
Housing Polycarbonate PC UL 94 V0 with hinge locks, color signal white similar to RAL 9003
Cable gland PG11 high-strength cable gland with strain relief
Display optional LCD-Display, to display the actual humidity and temperature
Material Protection tube: stainless steel V2A
Dimensions Housing: L 89 x W 80 x H 47 mm, Protection tube: Ø 16 x 60 mm
Protection type Housing/electronic: IP65, Sensor: IP30
Protection class III
Working range r.H. 0...98% r.H. in contaminant-free, non-condensing air
Working temperature Probe: -20...+80°C, Electronic: -20...+70°C
Storage temperature -20...+50°C
Installation screw fastening
Certificate industrial calibration certificate with reference to national standard
Approvals CE, EAC, RoHS

The FS1101 on-wall transducer registers the temperature and relative humidity of the ambient air and converts this measured value into a digital output signal.
The humidity measuring device has a heating function to protect the sensor at high humidity 95...99% r.h.. If the relative humidity exceeds the threshold value set ex-works for more than 10 minutes the heating function is activated. The sensor is heated for a limited time and thus dried and protected against condensation. During the heating and the subsequent temperature balancing phase the output signal is kept stable at the last measured value before the heating function was triggered.
The humidity and temperature sensor is very well protected against contamination by a screwable sintered filter and can, if required, be finely calibrated in the register using an offset value.
As special equipment a potential-free alternating contact and/or a backlit display are available The contents of the display can be rotated in steps of 90° by using a command.
As special functions a series of defined measured values from other bus-participants (also cross-manufacturers) can be shown in the display. To display measured values from other bus-participants these are entered into the corresponding register by the bus-Master. The optional alternating contact can be configurated for measured values from other bus-participants.
The configuration of address, transmission mode/speed, terminating resistor and master/slave function of the bus-devices can easily be done using the innovative DIP switch technology. Thus devices can quickly and easily integrated into the system and later parameterised via the master.
The bus-devices can even be reset to the works settings during operation of the master. Thus the basic functionality of the device is recreated in a matter of seconds. This can be necessary in the event of incorrect parameterisations of, e.g. offset, switching threshold, display modes etc..
By means of the FS master/slave topology autarkic nodes without additional SPS master can be installed within the device series. Hereby a bus-device assumes the master function in the node. This requests the measured values from other bus-participants, automatically enters these into the corresponding register and shows them in the internal display. Furthermore the master can evaluate and operate additional actuators in the device series (analogue in- and outputs, relay station).

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